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§122C‑224.2.  Duties of the attorney for the minor.

(a)        The attorney shallmeet with the minor within 10 days of his appointment but not later than 48hours before the hearing.  In addition, the attorney shall inform the minor ofthe scheduled hearing and shall give the minor a copy of the notice of the timeand place of the hearing no later than 48 hours before the hearing.

(b)        The attorney shallcounsel the minor concerning the hearing procedure and the potential effects ofthe hearing proceeding on the minor. If the minor does not wish to appear, theattorney shall file a motion with the court before the scheduled hearing towaive the minor's right to be present at the hearing procedure except duringthe minor's own testimony.  If the attorney determines that the minor does notwish to appear before the judge to provide his own testimony, the attorneyshall file a separate motion with the court before the hearing to waive theminor's right to testify.

(c)        In all actions onbehalf of the minor, the attorney shall represent the minor until formallyrelieved of the responsibility by the judge. (1987, c. 370, s. 1.)