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§ 126‑19.  Equalemployment opportunity plans; reports; maintenance of services by StatePersonnel Director.

(a) Each member of the Council ofState under G.S. 143A‑11, each of the principal departments enumerated inG.S. 143B‑6, The University of North Carolina, the judicial branch, andthe legislative branch, shall develop and submit an Equal EmploymentOpportunity plan which shall include goals and programs that provide positivemeasures to assure equitable and fair representation of North Carolina's citizens.The plans developed by the judicial branch and by the Legislative ServicesOffice on behalf of the legislative branch shall be submitted to the GeneralAssembly  on or before June 1 of each year. All other such plans shall besubmitted to the State Personnel Director for review and approval on or beforeMarch 1, of each year.

(b)        The State PersonnelCommission shall submit a report to the General Assembly concerning the statusof Equal Employment Opportunity plans and programs for all State departments,agencies, [and] universities, which are required by this Chapter to report tothe State Personnel Director, on or before June 1 of each year. If any plan hasbeen disapproved, the report shall contain reasons for disapproval. The statusreport submitted to the General Assembly by the State Personnel Director andthe plans submitted to the General Assembly by the judicial branch and theLegislative Services Office on behalf of the legislative branch shall containthe total number of persons employed in each job category, the race, sex,salary, and other demographics relative to persons hired and promoted duringthe reporting period, analysis of the data, and an indication as to which goalswere achieved.

(c)        The State PersonnelDirector shall at least maintain current services of Equal EmploymentOpportunity technical assistance, training, oversight, monitoring, evaluation,support programs, and reporting to assure that State government's work force atall occupational levels reflect North Carolina's population. To the extentreasonably possible, these services shall be provided by qualified personnelwho have continuous experience in the field of Equal Employment Opportunity andaffirmative action and who are sensitive to circumstances and experiences of individualsfrom diverse backgrounds and cultures, and recognize that efficient andeffective government requires the talents, skills, and abilities of allavailable human resources. (1991 (Reg. Sess., 1992) c. 919, ss. 2‑4.)