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§126‑6.2.  Reports.

(a)        Beginning January1, 1998, and quarterly thereafter, the head of each State agency, department,or institution employing State employees subject to the State Personnel Actshall report to the Office of State Personnel on the following:

(1)        The costs associatedwith the defense or settlement of administrative grievances and lawsuits filedby current or former State employees and applicants for State employment,including the costs of settlements, attorneys' fees, litigation expenses,damages, or awards incurred by the respective State agencies, departments, andinstitutions. The report shall include an explanation of the fiscal impact ofthese costs upon the operations of the State agency, department, orinstitution.

(2)        The modification ofposition descriptions resulting in changes in position qualifications to allowthe use of educational, experience, or other equivalencies in the hiring orpromotion of State employees where such equivalencies were not previously usedin the position descriptions. The report shall include an explanation of thereasons for the changes in the position descriptions and the bases for the useof the equivalencies.

(b)        Beginning May 1,1998, and annually thereafter, the State Personnel Commission shall report tothe Joint Legislative Commission on Governmental Operations on the costsassociated with the defense or settlement of lawsuits and on the use ofposition qualification equivalencies, as compiled in accordance with subsection(a) of this section.

(c)        Beginning May 1,1998, and then annually thereafter, the State Personnel Commission, through theOffice of State Personnel, shall report to the Joint Legislative Commission onGovernmental Operations on outcomes with respect to State employee hirings, promotions,disciplinary actions, and compensation, based upon demographics. (1997‑520,s. 8(a)‑(c).)