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§ 131E‑101. Definitions.

As used in this Part, unlessotherwise specified:

(1)        "Adult carehome", as distinguished from a nursing home, means a facility operated asa part of a nursing home and which provides residential care for aged ordisabled persons whose principal need is a home with the shelter or personalcare their age or disability requires. Medical care in an adult care home isusually occasional or incidental, such as may be required in the home of anyindividual or family, but the administration of medication is supervised.Continuing planned medical and nursing care to meet the resident's needs may beprovided under the direct supervision of a physician, nurse, or home healthagency. Adult care homes are to be distinguished from nursing homes subject tolicensure under this Part.

(1a)      "Combinationhome" means a nursing home offering one or more levels of care, includingany combination of skilled nursing, intermediate care, and adult care home.

(2)        "Commission"means the North Carolina Medical Care Commission.

(3)        "Communityadvisory committee" means a nursing home advisory committee establishedfor the statutory purpose of working to carry out the intent of the NursingHome Patients' Bill of Rights (Chapter 131E, Article 6, Part 2) in accordancewith G.S. 143B‑181.1.

(4)        Repealed by SessionLaws 1995, c. 535, s. 21.

(5)        "Medical reviewcommittee" means a committee of a State or local professional society, ofa medical staff of a licensed hospital, of physicians having privileges withinthe nursing home or of a peer review corporation or organization which isformed for the purpose of evaluating the quality, cost of or necessity forhealth care services under applicable federal statutes.

(6)        "Nursinghome" means a facility, however named, which is advertised, announced, ormaintained for the express or implied purpose of providing nursing orconvalescent care for three or more persons unrelated to the licensee. A"nursing home" is a home for chronic or convalescent patients, who,on admission, are not as a rule, acutely ill and who do not usually requirespecial facilities such as an operating room, X‑ray facilities,laboratory facilities, and obstetrical facilities. A "nursing home"provides care for persons who have remedial ailments or other ailments, forwhich medical and nursing care are indicated; who, however, are not sick enoughto require general hospital care. Nursing care is their primary need, but theywill require continuing medical supervision.

(7)        "Peer reviewcommittee" means any committee appointed in accordance with G.S. 131E‑108,"Peer review."

(8)        "Qualityassurance committee" means a committee, agency, or department of a stateor local professional organization, of a medical staff of a licensed hospital,nursing home, of nurses or aides on the staff of a nursing home, or adult carehome, of physicians having privileges within the nursing home, or adult carehome, or of a peer review corporation or organization that is formed for thepurpose of evaluating the quality, cost of, or necessity for health careservices under applicable federal and State statutes, regulations, and rules. (1961, c. 51, s. 3; 1981, c.833; 1983, c. 775, s. 1; 1995, c. 535, s. 21; 2004‑149, s. 2.1.)