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§ 131E‑305. Administrative procedures.

(a)        When the Division has cause to believe that grounds for thedenial of an application for a license exist, or that grounds for thesuspension or revocation of a license exist, it shall notify the providersponsored organization in writing specifically stating the grounds for denial,suspension, or revocation and fixing a time of at least 30 days thereafter fora hearing on the matter.

(b)        After this hearing, or upon the failure of the providersponsored organization to appear at this hearing, the Division shall take theaction it considers advisable or make written findings that shall be mailed tothe provider sponsored organization. The action of the Division shall besubject to review by the Superior Court of Wake County. The court may, indisposing of the issue before it, modify, affirm, or reverse the order of theDivision in whole or in part.

(c)        The provisions of Chapter 150B of the General Statutes applyto proceedings under this section to the extent that they are not in conflictwith subsections (a) and (b) of this section. (1998‑227, s. 1.)