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State Codes and Statutes

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Article 2.

Public Hospitals.

Part1.  Municipal Hospitals.

§ 131E‑5.  Title and purpose.

(a)        This Part shall be known and may be cited as the"Municipal Hospital Act."

(b)        The purpose of this Part is to authorize municipalities toconstruct, operate and maintain hospitals and other facilities which furnishhospital, clinical and similar services to the people of this State. It is alsothe purpose of this Part to authorize municipalities to cooperate with otherpublic and private agencies and with each other. Additionally, it is thepurpose of this Part to authorize municipalities to accept assistance fromState and federal agencies and from other sources.

(c)        This Part provides an additional and alternative method formunicipalities to establish facilities that furnish hospital, clinical andsimilar services. This Part shall not be regarded as repealing any powers nowexisting under any other law, either general, special or local.

(d)        This Part shall be construed liberally to effect itspurposes. (1983, c. 775, s.1.)