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§ 143B‑146.5. Identification of low‑performing schools.

(a)        The State Board shall design and implement a procedure toidentify low‑performing schools on an annual basis. Low‑performingschools are those participating schools in which there is a failure to meet theminimum growth standards, as defined by the State Board, and a majority ofstudents are performing below grade level.

(b)        By July 10 of each year, the Secretary shall do apreliminary analysis of test results to determine which participating schoolsthe State Board may identify as low‑performing under this section. TheSecretary then shall proceed under G.S. 143B‑146.7. In addition, within30 days of the initial identification of a school as low‑performing bythe Secretary or the State Board, whichever occurs first, the Secretary shalldevelop a preliminary plan for addressing the needs of that school. Before theSecretary adopts this plan, the Secretary shall make the plan available to theresidential school personnel and the parents and guardians of the students ofthe school, and shall allow for written comments. Within five days of adoptingthe plan, the Secretary shall submit the plan to the State Board. The StateBoard shall review the plan expeditiously and, if appropriate, may offer recommendationsto modify the plan. The Secretary shall consider any recommendations made bythe State Board.

(c)        Each identified low‑performing school shall providewritten notification to the parents of students attending that school. Thewritten notification shall include a statement that the State Board ofEducation has found that the school has "failed to meet the minimum growthstandards, as defined by the State Board, and a majority of students in theschool are performing below grade level." This notification also shallinclude a description of the steps the school is taking to improve studentperformance. (1998‑131, s.5.)