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§ 143B‑150.6.  Program services; eligibility;grants for local projects; fund transfers.

(a)        Services: Services to be provided under the FamilyPreservation Services Program shall include but are not limited to: familyassessment, intensive family and individual counseling, client advocacy, casemanagement, development and enhancement of parenting skills, and referral forother services as appropriate.

(b)        Eligibility: Families eligible for services under the FamilyPreservation Services Program are those with children ages 0‑17 years whoare at risk of imminent separation through placement in public welfare, mentalhealth, or juvenile justice systems.

(c)        Service Delivery: Services delivered to eligible familiesunder the Family Preservation Services Program shall be provided in accordancewith the following requirements:

(1)        Each eligible family shall receive intensive familypreservation services, beginning with identification of an imminent risk of out‑of‑homeplacement for an average of four weeks but not more than six weeks;

(2)        At least one‑half of a caseworker's time spentproviding family preservation services to each eligible family shall beprovided in the family's home and community;

(3)        Family preservation caseworkers shall be available to eacheligible family by telephone and on call for visits 24 hours a day, seven daysa week.

(4)        Each family preservation caseworker shall provide servicesto a maximum of four families at any given time.

(d)        Grants for local projects: The Secretary of the Departmentof Health and Human Services shall award grants to local agencies for thedevelopment and implementation of locally‑based family preservationservices projects. The number of grants awarded and the level of funding ofeach grant for each fiscal year shall be contingent upon and determined byfunds appropriated for that purpose by the General Assembly.

(e)        Inter‑agency fund transfers: The Department may allowthe Division of Social Services and the Division of Mental Health,Developmental Disabilities, and Substance Abuse Services, to use fundsavailable to each Division to support family preservation services provided bythe Division under the Program; provided that such use does not violate federalregulations pertaining to, or otherwise jeopardize the availability of federalfunds. (1991, c. 743, s. 1; 1997‑443, s. 11A.118(a);1999‑423, s. 9; 2001‑424, s. 21.50(g).)