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Part 10B.  Early Childhood Initiatives.

§ 143B‑168.10.  Early childhood initiatives;findings.

The General Assembly finds, upon consultation with the Governor, thatevery child can benefit from, and should have access to, high‑qualityearly childhood education and development services. The economic future andwell‑being of the State depend upon it. To ensure that all children haveaccess to high‑quality early childhood education and developmentservices, the General Assembly further finds that:

(1)        Parents have the primary duty to raise, educate, andtransmit values to young preschool children;

(2)        The State can assist parents in their role as the primarycaregivers and educators of young preschool children; and

(3)        There is a need to explore innovative approaches andstrategies for aiding parents and families in the education and development ofyoung preschool children. (1993, c. 321, s. 254(a); 1998‑212, s. 12.37B(a).)