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§ 143B‑168.16. Home‑centered services; consent.

No home‑centered services including home visits or in‑homeparenting training shall be allowed under this Part unless the written,informed consent of the participating parents authorizing the home‑centeredservices is first obtained by the local partnership, educational institution,local school administrative unit, private school, not‑for‑profitorganization, governmental agency, or other entity that is conducting theparenting program. The participating parents may revoke at any time theirconsent for the home‑centered services.

The consent form shall contain a clear description of the programincluding (i) the activities and information to be provided by the programduring the home visits, (ii) the number of expected home visits, (iii) anyresponsibilities of the parents, (iv) the fact, if applicable, that a recordwill be made and maintained on the home visits, (v) the fact that the parentsmay revoke at any time the consent, and (vi) any other information as may benecessary to convey to the parents a clear understanding of the program.

Parents at all times shall have access to any record maintained on home‑centeredservices provided to their family and may place in that record a writtenresponse to any information with which they disagree that is in the record. (1993 (Reg. Sess., 1994), c. 766, s. 1.)