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Part 35. Governor's Commission onEarly Childhood Vision Care.

§ 143B‑216.75. Governor's Commission on Early Childhood Vision Care.

(a)        There isestablished the Governor's Commission on Early Childhood Vision Care("Commission"). The Commission shall be located in the Department ofHealth and Human Services for administrative and budgetary purposes only.

(b)        The Commissionshall consist of 10 members appointed as follows:

(1)        Four optometrists,two ophthalmologists, and one general pediatrician or a family physician whoprovides services to children, each of whom is licensed to practice in thisState, and one school nurse who is certified by the Prevent Blindness NorthCarolina Board, appointed by the Governor. Among the optometrists andophthalmologists appointed by the Governor, one shall be a currently servingmember of the Prevent Blindness North Carolina Board;

(2)        One optometristlicensed to practice in this State appointed by the General Assembly upon therecommendation of the Speaker of the House of Representatives; and

(3)        One ophthalmologistlicensed to practice in this State appointed by the General Assembly upon therecommendation of the President Pro Tempore of the Senate.

The initial members appointedby the General Assembly shall each serve a one‑year term. The initialmembers appointed by the Governor shall each serve a two‑year term.Subsequent appointments shall be for three‑year terms. Vacancies shall befilled by the original appointing authority.

(c)        The Commissionshall adopt rules to implement and administer the Governor's Vision CareProgram established under this section. The rules shall address:

(1)        Accepting andprocessing of applications by families for Program services.

(2)        Establishment andverification of applicant income eligibility.

(3)        Reimbursement toproviders for services provided to eligible participants.

(4)        Informing providersand the general public about the Program.

(5)        Other dutiesnecessary to implement the purposes and requirements of this section, includingthe development of a comprehensive eye examination transmittal form requiredunder G.S. 130A‑440.1.

The Commission shall developalternative ways for providing services to children who qualify for the Programwhen funding for Program services has been exhausted.

The Commission shall preparewritten information for providers conducting vision screening. The writteninformation shall state, in effect: "Vision screening is not a substitutefor a comprehensive eye examination." The Commission shall provide copiesof this information to providers so that the provider may give a copy to theparent, guardian, or person standing in loco parentis.

(d)        Commission memberswho are officials or employees of the State or local government agencies shallbe paid per diem, subsistence, and travel expenses in accordance with G.S. 138‑6.All other Commission members shall be paid in accordance with G.S. 138‑5.

(e)        The Chair of theCommission shall be an ophthalmologist or optometrist appointed by the Governorto serve alternately from year to year. The Commission shall meet upon the callof the Chair. A majority of the Commission members shall constitute a quorum.The Department of Health and Human Services shall provide meeting space andstaff to assist the Commission. (2005‑276, s. 10.59F(d); 2005‑345, s.20(d); 2006‑240, s. 2(a).)