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§ 143B‑273.10.  CountyCriminal Justice Partnership Advisory Boards; members; terms; chairperson.

(a)        A county board or amulticounty board shall consist of not less than 10 members and shall, to thegreatest extent possible, include the following:

(1)        A countycommissioner. In the case of a multicounty community corrections advisoryboard, one county commissioner from each participating county shall serve as amember.

(2)        A county manager, orthe county manager's designee.

(3)        A judge of thesuperior court.

(4)        A judge of thedistrict court.

(5)        A district attorney,or the district attorney's designee.

(6)        A criminal defenseattorney.

(7)        A public defender.

(8)        A county sheriff, orthe sheriff's designee.

(9)        A chief of a citypolice department, or the police chief's designee.

(10)      A probation officer.

(11)      A judicial servicecoordinator.

(12)      One member selectedfrom each of the following service areas which are available in the county orcounties: mental health, public health, substance abuse, employment andtraining, community‑based corrections programs, victim services programs.

(13)      A member of thebusiness community.

(14)      A member of thecommunity who has been a victim of a crime.

(15)      Members at large,including persons who are recovering from chemical dependency or are previousconsumers of substance abuse treatment services.

(b)        In the case of asingle county board, the board of county commissioners shall appoint themembers. In the case of a multicounty board, the board of county commissionersfrom the participating counties shall each appoint one commissioner as amember. These members shall appoint the other members. The board of countycommissioners may designate an existing board which meets the requirements ofthis section to serve as the County Criminal Justice Partnership AdvisoryBoard. A member may be removed, with cause, by the group authorized to make theinitial appointment.

(c)        Before anappointment is made under this section, the appointing authority shall publishadvance notice of the appointments and shall request that the names of personsinterested in being considered for appointment be submitted to the appointingauthority. In appointing the members of a county board, the county shall makeevery effort to ensure that minority persons and women are fairly represented.

(d)        The initial membersof the county board appointed by the board or boards of county commissionersshall serve staggered terms, one‑third shall be appointed for a term ofone year, one‑third shall be appointed for a term of two years, and one‑thirdshall be appointed for a term of three years. Members appointed by virtue oftheir office serve only while holding the office or position held at the timeof appointment. A vacancy occurring before the expiration of the term of officeshall be filled in the same manner as original appointments for the remainderof the term. Members may be reappointed without limitation.

(e)        The members of thecounty board shall, within 30 days after the last initial appointment is made,meet and elect one member as chairman and one member as vice‑chairman andappoint a secretary‑treasurer who need not be a member. For purposes oftransacting business, a majority of the membership constitutes a quorum.

(f)         The county boardshall meet at least quarterly and may also hold special meetings at the call ofthe Chairman.

(g)        Any member who hasan interest in a governmental agency or unit or private nonprofit agency whichis applying for a State‑County Criminal Justice Partnership Act grant orwhich has received a grant and which is the subject of an inquiry or vote by agrant oversight committee shall publicly disclose that interest on the recordand shall take no part in discussion or have any vote in regard to any matterdirectly affecting that particular grant applicant or grantee."Interest" in a grant applicant or grantee shall mean a formal anddirect connection to the entity, including, but not limited to, employment,partnership, serving as an elected official, board member, director, officer ortrustee, or being an immediate family member of someone who has such aconnection to the grant applicant or grantee.

(h)        The board or boardsof county commissioners shall provide necessary assistance and appropriationsto the county board established for that county or counties.  (1993, c. 534, s. 1; 2009‑372,s. 18.)