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§ 143B‑273.12. Community‑Based Corrections Plan.

(a)        The Community‑Based Corrections Plan shall include thefollowing:

(1)        A flowchart of the criminal justice system which describesprocessing steps from the point of arrest through conviction, to post‑releasesupervision after completing an active sentence of imprisonment. The flowchartshall identify all decision points, decision makers and options;

(2)        Number and rate of arrest, convictions, admissions toprobation, jail, prison, and post‑release supervision;

(3)        Arrest practices and data, including the use of citations;

(4)        Pretrial release practices and data on type of release andbond amounts;

(5)        Procedures for assignment of indigent counsel;

(6)        Court procedures for reducing bond amounts;

(7)        Jail capacity and population data by type of offender;

(8)        The jail population by type of offender, type of offenses,and average length of stay;

(9)        Existing State and county community‑based correctionsprograms (pretrial, sentenced, and post‑release) including targetpopulation, program activities, profile of offenders entering and released fromthe programs, length of stay, and completion rates;

(10)      Education, vocation/employment, health, mental health,housing, and other social services which are available to offenders; and

(11)      Number of offenders who received an active sentence in thepast two years, including type of offense, length of sentence, and actual timeserved.

(b)        Based on the information collected in subsection (a) of thissection, the plan shall include a detailed description of the need for theproposed community‑based corrections program, the offender population theproposed program will target, the changes that are planned in local policiesand procedures to accommodate the proposed program, and how the proposedprogram will be integrated into the criminal justice system.

(c)        The proposed program shall target eligible offenders asdefined in G.S. 143B‑273.4.

(d)        Technical assistance to complete the plan shall be providedeither by the Department, or the Department shall grant funds to the county fortechnical assistance. If a county receives technical assistance funds, thecounty must provide twenty‑five percent (25%) of the grant amount. (1993, c. 534, s. 1; 1997‑443, s. 19.8(c).)