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§ 143B‑273.14.  Fundableprograms; community‑based corrections programs.

(a)        Fundable programsunder this Article shall include community‑based corrections programswhich are operated under a county community‑based corrections plan andfunded by the State subsidy provided in this Article. Based on the prioritizedpopulations in G.S. 143B‑273.4, the programs may include, but are notlimited to, the following:

(1)        For offenders whoreceive community or intermediate punishments:

a.         Residentialfacilities;

b.         Day reportingcenters;

c.         Restitution centers;

d.         Substance abuseservices;

e.         Employment services;

(2)        For offenders whoare appropriate for release from jail prior to trial:

a.         Pretrial monitoringservices;

b.         Pretrial electronicsurveillance;

(3)        For offenders whoare serving a term of post‑release supervision after completing activesentences of imprisonment:

a.         Aftercare supportservices.

(b)        Community‑basedcorrections funds may be used to operate programs and may also be used toconstruct, acquire, or renovate community facilities established to provide theprograms and services set forth in subsection (a) of this section. Constructionand renovation funds may not be used for jails. Construction and renovationfunds may not be used to reimburse expenses for any facilities renovated beforethe effective date of this Article.

(c)        When a countyreceives more than fifty thousand dollars ($50,000) in community‑basedcorrections funds, then that county shall use at least fifty percent (50%) ofthose funds to develop programs for offenders who receive intermediatepunishments.  (1993,c. 534, s. 1; 2005‑276, s. 17.23(e), (i); 2009‑349, s. 2.)