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§ 143B‑3. Definitions.

As used in the Executive Organization Act of 1973, except where thecontext clearly requires otherwise, the words and expressions defined in thissection shall be held to have the meanings here given to them.

(1)        Agency: whenever the term "agency" is used itshall mean and include, as the context may require, an existing department,institution, commission, committee, board, division, bureau, officer orofficial.

(2)        Board: a collective body which assists the head of aprincipal department or his designee in the development of major programsincluding the tender of advice on departmental priorities.

(3)        Commission: a collective body which adopts rules andregulations in a quasi‑legislative manner and which acts in a quasi‑judicialcapacity in rendering findings or decisions involving differing interests.

(4)        Committee: a collective body which either advises the headof a principal department or his designee or advises a commission in detailedtechnical areas.

(5)        Council: a collective body which advises the head of aprincipal department or his designee as representative of citizen advice inspecific areas of interests.

(6)        Division: the principal subunit of a principal Statedepartment.

(7)        Head of department: head of one of the principal Statedepartments.

(8)        Higher education: State senior institutions of higherlearning.

(9)        Principal State department: one of the departments createdby the General Assembly in compliance with Article III, Sec. 11, of theConstitution of North Carolina. (1973, c. 476, s. 3.)