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§ 143B‑362.  NorthCarolina Rail Council – creation; powers and duties.

There is created the North Carolina Rail Council of the Department ofTransportation.  The Rail Council shall:

(1)              Advise the Governor, Secretary of Transportation,Board of Transportation, and General Assembly on policy concerning thepreservation and enhancement of the State's rail system, including theacquisition and management of existing rail corridors, revitalization andrehabilitation of active freight and passenger railways, improvements in railsafety, and promotion of competitive rail passenger services;

(2)        Designate a Strategic Rail System, with the North CarolinaRailroad as its foundation, to be approved by the Board of Transportation;

(3)        Recommend to the Board of Transportation funding sources andlevels to accomplish the purposes of this act;

(4)        Plan and recommend the distribution of financial assistancefor the revitalization of railroads and conservation of rail corridors asauthorized in G.S. 136‑44.36;

(5)        Plan and recommend the acquisition of rail corridors forfuture use as authorized in G.S. 136‑44.36A and oversee the protectionand maintenance of preserved rail corridors;

(6)        Otherwise assist in the preservation of the rail system inNorth Carolina through branch line rehabilitation and revitalization andthrough corridor acquisition by the Department of Transportation, and encouragecooperation between the Department of Transportation and railroad companies inpreserving the linear integrity of strategic corridors;

(7)        Advise the Department of Transportation on the reinvestmentin the State's rail system of the annual dividends received by the State fromits ownership of stock in the North Carolina Railroad and appropriated to theDepartment in G.S. 136‑16.6;

(8)        Promote and assist in the preservation of rail access to thefacilities operated by the State Ports Authority and to passenger and cargoairport facilities; and

(9)        Perform any other duties relating to the promotion andpreservation of railroads which the Secretary may recommend.

The Council shall report its activities to the General Assembly byMarch 1 in odd‑numbered years and to the Joint Legislative Commission onGovernmental Operations by March 1 in even‑numbered years. (1993, c. 483, s. 1.)