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§ 143B‑394.16.  Powers and duties of theCommission; reports.

(a)        Powers and Duties. – The Commission shall have the followingpowers and duties:

(1)        As recommended in the January 15, 1999, final report of theGovernor's Task Force on Domestic Violence, to develop and recommend to theGeneral Assembly the "Safe Families Act" and to promote adequatefunding to promote victim safety and accountability of perpetrators.

(2)        To develop and recommend domestic violence traininginitiatives for law enforcement and judicial personnel and for all persons whoprovide treatment and services to domestic violence victims.

(3)        To develop training initiatives for and make recommendationsand provide information and advice to State agencies in the areas of childprotection, education, employer/employee relations, criminal justice, andsubsidized housing.

(4)        To provide information and advice to any private entitiesthat request assistance in providing services and support to domestic violencevictims.

(5)        To design, coordinate, and oversee a statewide publicawareness campaign.

(6)        To design and coordinate improved data collection effortsfor domestic violence crimes and acts in the State.

(7)        To research, develop, and recommend proposals of how best tomeet the needs of domestic violence victims and to prevent domestic violence inthe State.

(8)        To adopt rules in accordance with Article 2A of Chapter 150Bof the General Statutes for the approval of abuser treatment programs asprovided in G.S. 50B‑3(a)(12). The Commission shall adopt rules toestablish a consistent level of performance from providers of abuser treatmentprograms and to ensure that approved programs enhance the safety of victims andhold those who perpetrate acts of domestic violence responsible.

(b)        Report. – The Commission shall report its findings andrecommendations, including any legislative or administrative proposals, to theGeneral Assembly no later than April 1 each year. (1999‑237, s. 24.2(b); 2002‑105, s. 1.)