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Part 10D. Sexual Assault and RapeCrisis Center Fund.

§ 143B‑394.21.  SexualAssault and Rape Crisis Center Fund.

(a)        The Sexual Assaultand Rape Crisis Center Fund is established within the State Treasury. The fundshall be administered by the Department of Administration, North CarolinaCouncil for Women, and shall be used to make grants to centers for victims ofsexual assault or rape crisis and to the North Carolina Coalition AgainstSexual Assault, Inc. This fund shall be administered in accordance with theprovisions of the State Budget Act under Chapter 143C of the General Statutes.The Department of Administration shall make quarterly grants to each eligiblesexual assault or rape crisis center and to the North Carolina CoalitionAgainst Sexual Assault, Inc. To be eligible to receive funds under thissection, a sexual assault or rape crisis center shall meet the followingrequirements:

(1)        Have been inoperation on the preceding July 1 and continue to be in operation.

(2)        Offer all of thefollowing services: a hotline, transportation services, community educationprograms, daytime services, and call forwarding during the night; and fulfillother criteria established by the Department of Administration.

(3)        Be a nonprofitcorporation or a local governmental entity.

(4)        Have a missionstatement that clearly specifies rape crisis services are provided.

(5)        Act in support ofvictims of rape or sexual assault by providing assistance to ensure victims'interests are represented in law enforcement and legal proceedings and supportand referral services are provided in medical and community settings.

(b)        Funds appropriatedfrom the General Fund to the Department of Administration, North CarolinaCouncil for Women, for the Sexual Assault and Rape Crisis Center Fund shall bedistributed in two shares. The North Carolina Coalition Against Sexual Assault,Inc., and sexual assault or rape crisis centers whose services are confined torape crisis or sexual assault services shall receive an equal share of thirty‑fivepercent (35%) of the funds. Organizations whose services contain sexual assaultor rape crisis services and domestic violence services or other supportservices shall receive an equal share of the remaining sixty‑five percent(65%) of the funds.  (2008‑107, s. 19.1.)