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State Codes and Statutes

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§ 143B‑394.8. Services to be provided.

(a)        The center shall be designed to provide displaced homemakerswith such necessary counseling, training, services, skills, and education aswould enable them to secure gainful employment, and as would be necessary fortheir health, safety, and well‑being.

(b)        The center shall provide:

(1)        Job counseling programs specifically designed for displacedhomemakers entering the job market, taking into consideration their previousabsence from the job market, and their lack of recent paid work experience, andtaking into account and building upon the skills and experience possessed bythe displaced homemaker;

(2)        Job training and job placement services to train and placedisplaced homemakers for and into available jobs in the public and privatesectors;

(3)        Health education and counseling services with respect togeneral principles of preventive health care, including but not limited tofamily health care, nutrition education, and the selection of physicians andhealth care services;

(4)        Financial management services with information andassistance on all aspects of financial management including but not limited toinsurance, taxes, estate and probate matters, mortgages, and loans; and

(5)        Educational services, including information servicesconcerning available secondary and post‑secondary education programsbeneficial to displaced homemakers seeking employment; and information serviceswith respect to all employment in the public or private sectors, education,health, public assistance, and unemployment assistance programs. (1979, c. 1016, s. 2.)