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§ 143B‑400. Veterans' Affairs Commission – members; selection; quorum; compensation.

The Veterans' Affairs Commission of the Department of Administrationshall consist of one voting member from each congressional district, all ofwhom shall be veterans, appointed by the Governor for four‑year terms. Inmaking these appointments, the Governor shall insure that both major politicalparties will be continuously represented on the Veterans' Affairs Commission.

The initial members of the Commission shall be the appointed members ofthe current Veterans' Affairs Commission who shall serve for the remainder oftheir current terms and six additional members appointed by the Governor forterms expiring June 30, 1981. Thereafter, all members shall be appointed for termsof four years. Any appointment to fill a vacancy on the Commission created bythe resignation, dismissal, death or disability of a member shall be for thebalance of the unexpired term. The Governor shall have the power to remove anymember of the Commission in accordance with provisions of G.S. 143B‑13.

In the event that more than 11 congressional districts are establishedin the State, the Governor shall on July 1 following the establishment of suchadditional congressional districts appoint a member of the Commission from thatcongressional district. If on July 1, 1977, or at any time thereafter due tocongressional redistricting, two or more members of the Veterans' AffairsCommission shall reside in the same congressional district then such members shallcontinue to serve as members of the Commission for a period equal to theremainder of their current terms on the Commission provided that upon theexpiration of said term or terms the Governor shall fill such vacancy  orvacancies in such a manner as to insure that as expeditiously as possible thereis one member of the Veterans' Affairs Commission who is a resident of eachcongressional district in the State.

The Governor shall designate from the membership of the Commission  achairman and vice‑chairman of the Commission who shall serve at the pleasure of the Governor. The Secretary of the Department of Administration orhis designee shall serve as secretary of the Commission.

Members of the Commission shall receive per diem and necessary traveland subsistence expenses in accordance with provisions of G.S. 138‑5.

A majority of the Commission shall constitute a quorum for thetransaction of business.

The Veterans' Affairs Commission shall meet at least twice a year andmay hold special meetings at any time or place within the State at the call ofthe chairman, at the call of the Secretary of the Department of Administrationor upon the written request of at least six members.

All clerical and other services required by the Commission shall beprovided by the Secretary of the Department of Administration. (1973, c. 620, s. 8; 1977, c. 70, ss. 24, 25, 27; c.637, s. 1.)