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§ 143B‑406.  North Carolina State Commission ofIndian Affairs – duties; use of funds.

(a)        The Commission shall have the following duties:

(1)        To study, consider, accumulate, compile, assemble anddisseminate information on any aspect of Indian affairs.

(2)        To investigate relief needs of Indians of North Carolina andto provide technical assistance in the preparation of plans for the alleviationof such needs.

(3)        To confer with appropriate officials of local, State andfederal governments and agencies of these governments, and with suchcongressional committees that may be concerned with Indian affairs to encourageand implement coordination of applicable resources to meet the needs of Indiansin North Carolina.

(4)        To cooperate with and secure the assistance of the local,State and federal governments or any agencies thereof in formulating any suchprograms, and to coordinate such programs with any programs regarding Indianaffairs adopted or planned by the federal government to the end that the StateCommission of Indian Affairs secure the full benefit of such programs.

(5)        To act as trustee for any interest in real property that maybe transferred to the Commission for the benefit of State‑recognizedIndian tribes in accordance with a trust agreement approved by the Commission.The Commission shall not hold any interest in real property for the benefit offederally recognized Indian tribes.

(6)        To review all proposed or pending State legislation andamendments to existing State legislation affecting Indians in North Carolina.

(7)        To conduct public hearings on matters relating to Indianaffairs and to subpoena any information or documents deemed necessary by theCommission.

(8)        To study the existing status of recognition of all Indiangroups, tribes and communities presently existing in the State of NorthCarolina.

(9)        To establish appropriate procedures to provide for legalrecognition by the State of presently unrecognized groups.

(10)      To provide for official State recognition by the Commissionof such groups.

(11)      To initiate procedures for their recognition by the federalgovernment.

(b)        The Commission may adopt rules to implement the provisionsof subdivision (a)(5) of this section. (1977, c. 849, s.1; 1977, 2nd Sess., c. 1189; 2001‑344, s. 2.)