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Part 24.  Governor's Management Committee.

§ 143B‑426.22.  Governor's Management Council.

(a)        Creation; Membership. – The Governor's Management Council iscreated in the Department of Administration. The Council shall contain thefollowing members: The Secretary of Administration, who shall serve aschairman, a senior staff officer responsible for productivity and managementprograms from the Departments of Commerce, Revenue, Environment and NaturalResources, Transportation, Crime Control and Public Safety, Cultural Resources,Correction, Health and Human Services, Juvenile Justice and DelinquencyPrevention, and Administration; and an equivalent officer from the Offices ofState Personnel, State Budget and Management, and the Governor's Program forExecutive and Organizational Development. The following persons may also serveon the Council if the entity represented chooses to participate: a senior staffofficer responsible for productivity and management programs from any Statedepartment not previously specified in this section, and a representative fromThe University of North Carolina.

(b)        Powers. – The Council may:

(1)        Coordinate efforts to make State government more efficientand productive;

(2)        Review plans and policies submitted by participating agenciesto improve agency management and productivity;

(3)        Recommend to the Governor the issuance of specificManagement Directive and Executive Orders that will establish managementpolicies and procedures to be implemented by the agencies to improve agencymanagement and productivity;

(4)        Provide a clearinghouse for productivity initiatives andcommunicate these initiatives to all agencies;

(5)        Authorize special projects on specific management andproductivity improvement issues;

(6)        Review plans and policies of statewide management programssuch as the Incentive Pay Program, the North Carolina Employee SuggestionSystem, the Work Options Program, and similar productivity improvementprograms; and

(7)        Develop criteria for annual recognition for outstanding GovernmentExecutives. (1983, c. 540, s.1; c. 907, s. 3; 1989, c. 727, s. 218(152); c. 751, s. 9(c); 1991 (Reg. Sess.,1992), c. 959, s. 43; 1997‑443, ss. 11A.109, 11A.119(a); 2000‑137,s. 4(pp).)