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§ 143B‑437.010. Agrarian growth zone designation.

(a)        Agrarian GrowthZone Defined. – An agrarian growth zone is an area that meets all of thefollowing conditions:

(1)        It is comprised ofone or more contiguous census tracts, census block groups, or both, in the mostrecent federal decennial census.

(2)        All of the area islocated in whole within a county that has no municipality with a population inexcess of 10,000.

(3)        Every census tractand census block group that comprises the area has more than twenty percent(20%) of its population below the poverty level according to the most recentfederal decennial census.

(b)        Limitation andDesignation. – The area of a county that is included in one or more agrariangrowth zones shall not exceed five percent (5%) of the total area of thecounty. Upon application of a county, the Secretary of Commerce shall make awritten determination whether an area is an agrarian growth zone that satisfiesthe conditions of subsection (a) of this section. The application shall includeall of the information listed in this subsection. A determination under thissection is effective until December 31 of the year following the year in whichthe determination is made. The Department of Commerce shall publish annually alist of all agrarian growth zones with a description of their boundaries.

(1)        A map showing thecensus tracts and block groups that would comprise the zone.

(2)        A detaileddescription of the boundaries of the area that would comprise the zone.

(3)        A certificationregarding the size of the proposed zone.

(4)        Detailed censusinformation on the county and the proposed zone.

(5)        A resolution of theboard of county commissioners requesting the designation of the area as anagrarian growth zone.

(6)        Any other materialrequired by the Secretary of Commerce.

(c)        Parcel of PropertyPartially in Agrarian Growth Zone. – For the purposes of this section, a parcelof property that is located partially within an agrarian growth zone isconsidered entirely within the zone if all of the following conditions aresatisfied:

(1)        At least fiftypercent (50%) of the parcel is located within the zone.

(2)        The parcel was inexistence and under common ownership prior to the most recent federal decennialcensus.

(3)        The parcel is aportion of land made up of one or more tracts or tax parcels of land that issurrounded by a continuous perimeter boundary. (2006‑252, s. 1.2; 2007‑484, s. 33(a);2007‑515, s. 3.)