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§ 143B‑437.07.  Economic development grantreporting.

The Department of Commerce must publish on or before March 1 of eachyear the following information, itemized by business entity, for all grantprograms administered by the Department that disbursed or awarded grant moniesto businesses during the previous calendar year:

(1)        The amount of grant monies awarded during the previous year.

(2)        The amount of grant monies disbursed during the previousyear.

(3)        The amount of grant monies that were disbursed in earlieryears to business entities that received grant monies during the previous year.

(4)        The amount of potential future liability under the grantprogram.

(5)        The number, type, and wage level of jobs created or retainedduring the previous year as a result of a grant.

(6)        A description of any other financial assistance receivedduring the previous year from all economic development incentive programsadministered by the Department.

(7)        Any amount recaptured from the business entity during theprevious year for failure to comply with the grant agreement or applicable law.(2005‑429, s. 1.3.)