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§ 159C‑2. Legislative findings and purposes.

(a)        The General Assembly finds and determines that there existsin the State a critical condition of unemployment and a scarcity of employmentopportunities; that the economic insecurity which results from suchunemployment and scarcity of employment opportunities constitutes a seriousmenace to the safety, morals and general welfare of the entire State; that suchunemployment and scarcity of employment opportunities have caused many workersand their families, including young adults upon whom future economic prosperityis dependent, to migrate elsewhere to find employment and establish homes; thatsuch emigration has resulted in a reduced rate of growth in the tax base of thecounties and other local governmental units of the State which impairs thefinancial ability of such counties and other local governmental units tosupport education and other local governmental services; that such unemploymentresults in obligations to grant public assistance and to pay unemploymentcompensation; that the aforesaid conditions can best be remedied by theattraction, stimulation, expansion and rehabilitation and revitalization ofindustrial and manufacturing facilities for industry in the State; and thatthere is a need to stimulate a larger flow of private investment funds intoindustrial building programs into the State.

(b)        The General Assembly further finds and determines that thedevelopment and expansion of industry within the State, and the generation ofelectric power and the supply of other services by public utilities, which areessential to the economic growth of the State and to the full employment andprosperity of its people, are accompanied by the increased production anddischarge of gaseous, liquid, and solid pollution and wastes which threaten andendanger the health, welfare and safety of the inhabitants of the State bypolluting the air, land and waters of the State; that in order to reduce,control, and prevent such environmental pollution, it is imperative that actionbe taken at various levels of government to require the provision of devices,equipment and facilities for the collection, reduction, treatment, and disposalof such pollution and wastes; that the assistance provided in this Chapter,especially with respect to financing, is therefore in the public interest andserves a public purpose of the State in promoting the health, welfare andsafety of the inhabitants of the State not only physically by collecting,reducing, treating and preventing environmental pollution but also economicallyby securing and retaining private industry thereby maintaining a higher levelof employment and economic activity and stability.

(c)        It is therefore declared to be the policy of the State topromote the right to gainful employment opportunity, private industry, theprevention and control of the pollution of the air, land and waters of theState, and the safety, morals and health of the people of the State, andthereby promote general welfare of the people of the State, by authorizingcounties to create county authorities which shall be political subdivisions andbodies corporate and politic of the State. These bodies are to be formed (i) toaid in the financing of industrial and manufacturing facilities for the purposeof alleviating unemployment or raising below average manufacturing wages byfinancing industrial and manufacturing facilities which provide jobopportunities or pay better wages than those prevalent in the area and (ii) toaid in financing pollution control facilities for industry in connection withmanufacturing and industrial facilities and for public utilities; provided,however, that it is the policy of the State to finance only those facilitieswhere there is a direct or indirect favorable impact on employment or animprovement in the degree of prevention or control of pollution commensuratewith the size and cost of the facilities. (1975, c. 800, s. 1.)