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§ 159G‑26.  Annual reports on WaterInfrastructure Fund.

(a)        Requirement. – The Department must publish a report eachyear on the accounts in the Water Infrastructure Fund that are administered bythe Division of Water Quality or the Division of Environmental Health. Thereport must be published by 1 November of each year and cover the precedingfiscal year. The Department must make the report available to the public andmust give a copy of the report to the Environmental Review Commission and theFiscal Research Division of the General Assembly.

(b)        Content. – The report required by this section must containthe following information concerning the accounts of the Water InfrastructureFund:

(1)        The beginning and ending balance of the account for thefiscal year.

(2)        The amount of revenue credited to the account during thefiscal year, by source.

(3)        The total amount of loans and grants awarded from theaccount, by type, and the amount of any expenditure for emergency correctiveaction made from the account.

(4)        For each loan or grant awarded, the recipient of the award,the amount of the award, the amount of the award that was disbursed, and theamount of the award remaining to be disbursed in a subsequent fiscal year.

(5)        The amount disbursed for loans and grants awarded but notdisbursed in a prior fiscal year and the amount remaining to be disbursed in asubsequent fiscal year.

(6)        An assessment of the expected impact on water quality andwater supply of the projects for which the loans and grants were awarded. (2005‑454, s. 3.)