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§ 159G‑39.  Review of applications and award ofloan or grant.

(a)        Point Assignment. – The Division of Water Quality or theDivision of Environmental Health, as appropriate, must review all applicationsfiled for a loan or grant under this Article for an application period. TheDivision must rank each application in accordance with the points assigned tothe evaluation criteria. The Division must make a written determination of anapplication's rank and attach the determination to the application. The Division'sdetermination of rank is conclusive.

(b)        Initial Consideration. – The Division may consider anapplication for an emergency loan from the Wastewater Reserve or the DrinkingWater Reserve at any time. The Division must consider all other loan applicationsand all grant applications filed during an application period at the same timein order to rank the applications.

(c)        Reconsideration. – When an application's rank is too low toreceive an award of a loan or grant for an application period, the Divisionmust include the application with those considered for the next applicationperiod. If the application's rank is again too low to receive an award, theapplication is not eligible for consideration in a subsequent applicationperiod. An applicant whose application does not receive an award after reviewin two application periods may file a new application.

(d)        Notification of Decision. – When the Division determinesthat an application's rank makes it eligible for an award of a loan or grant,the Division must send the applicant a letter of intent to award the loan orgrant. The notice must set out any conditions the applicant must meet toreceive an award of a loan or grant. When the applicant satisfies theconditions set out in the letter of intent, the Division must send theapplicant an offer to award a loan or grant. The applicant must give theDivision written notice of whether it accepts or rejects the offer. A loan orgrant is considered awarded when an offer to award the loan or grant is issued.(2005‑454, s. 3.)