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§15A‑1212.  Grounds for challenge for cause.

A challenge for cause to anindividual juror may be made by any party on the ground that the juror:

(1)        Does not have thequalifications required by G.S. 9‑3.

(2)        Is incapable byreason of mental or physical infirmity of rendering jury service.

(3)        Has been or is aparty, a witness, a grand juror, a trial juror, or otherwise has participatedin civil or criminal proceedings involving a transaction which relates to thecharge against the defendant.

(4)        Has been or is aparty adverse to the defendant in a civil action, or has complained against orbeen accused by him in a criminal prosecution.

(5)        Is related by bloodor marriage within the sixth degree to the defendant or the victim of thecrime.

(6)        Has formed or expressedan opinion as to the guilt or innocence of the defendant. It is improper for aparty to elicit whether the opinion formed is favorable or adverse to thedefendant.

(7)        Is presently chargedwith a felony.

(8)        As a matter ofconscience, regardless of the facts and circumstances, would be unable torender a verdict with respect to the charge in accordance with the law of NorthCarolina.

(9)        For any other causeis unable to render a fair and impartial  verdict. (1977, c. 711, s. 1.)