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Reports of Dispositionsof Criminal Cases.

§ 15A‑1381.  Dispositiondefined.

As used in this Article, theterm "disposition" means any action which results in termination orindeterminate suspension of the prosecution of a criminal charge. A dispositionmay be any one of the following actions:

(1)        A finding of noprobable cause pursuant to G.S. 15A‑511(c)(2);

(2)        An order ofdismissal pursuant to G.S. 15A‑604;

(3)        A finding of noprobable cause pursuant to G.S. 15A‑612(a)(3);

(4)        A return of not atrue bill pursuant to G.S. 15A‑629;

(5)        Repealed by SessionLaws 1989, c. 688, s. 4;

(6)        Dismissal pursuantto G.S. 15A‑931 or 15A‑932;

(7)        Dismissal pursuantto G.S. 15A‑954, 15A‑955 or 15A‑959;

(8)        Finding of adefendant's incapacity to proceed pursuant to G.S. 15A‑1002 or dismissalof charges pursuant to G.S. 15A‑1008;

(9)        Entry of a plea ofguilty or no contest pursuant to G.S. 15A‑1011, without regard to thesentence imposed upon the plea, and even though prayer for judgment on the pleabe continued;

(10)      Dismissal pursuant toG.S. 15A‑1227;

(11)      Return of verdictpursuant to G.S. 15A‑1237, without regard to the sentence imposed uponsuch verdict and even though prayer for judgment on such verdict be continued. (1981,c. 862, s. 1; 1989, c. 688, s. 4.)