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§15A‑262.  Application for order for pen register or trap and tracedevice.

(a)        Application. – Alaw enforcement officer may make an application for an order or an extension ofan order under G.S. 15A‑263 authorizing or approving the installation anduse of a pen register or a trap and trace device, in writing under oath oraffirmation, to a superior court judge.

(b)        Contents ofapplication. – An application under subsection (a) of this section shallinclude:

(1)        The identity of thelaw enforcement officer making the application and the identity of the lawenforcement agency conducting the investigation; and

(2)        A certification bythe applicant that the information likely to be obtained is relevant to anongoing criminal investigation being conducted by that agency. (1987(Reg. Sess., 1988), c. 1104, s. 1.)