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§ 15A‑266.2. Definitions.

As used in this Article,unless another meaning is specified or the context clearly requires otherwise,the following terms have the meanings specified:

(1)        "CODIS"means the FBI's national DNA identification index system that allows thestorage and exchange of DNA records submitted by State and local forensic DNAlaboratories. The term "CODIS" is derived from Combined DNA IndexSystem.

(1a)      "CustodialAgency" means the governmental entity in possession of evidence collectedas part of a criminal investigation or prosecution. This term includes acentral evidence storage facility operated by a State agency.

(2)        "DNA"means deoxyribonucleic acid. DNA is located in the nucleus of cells andprovides an individual's personal genetic blueprint. DNA encodes geneticinformation that is the basis of human heredity and forensic identification.

(3)        "DNARecord" means DNA identification information stored in the State DNADatabase or CODIS for the purpose of generating investigative leads or supportingstatistical interpretation of DNA test results. The DNA record is the resultobtained from the DNA typing tests. The DNA record is comprised of thecharacteristics of a DNA sample which are of value in establishing the identityof individuals. The results of all DNA identification tests on an individual'sDNA sample are also collectively referred to as the DNA profile of anindividual.

(4)        "DNASample" in this Article means a blood, buccal, or any other sampleprovided by any person convicted of offenses covered by this Article orsubmitted to the SBI Laboratory for analysis pursuant to a criminalinvestigation.

(5)        "FBI"means the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

(5a)      "NDIS"means the National DNA Index System that is the system of DNA profile recordswhich meet federal standards.

(6)        "SBI"means the State Bureau of Investigation. The SBI is responsible for the policymanagement and administration of the State DNA identification record system tosupport law enforcement, and for liaison with the FBI regarding the State'sparticipation in CODIS.

(7)        "State DNADatabase" means the SBI's DNA identification record system to support lawenforcement. It is administered by the SBI and provides DNA records to the FBIfor storage and maintenance in CODIS. The SBI's DNA Database system is thecollective capability provided by computer software and procedures administeredby the SBI to store and maintain DNA records related to forensic casework, toconvicted offenders required to provide a DNA sample under this Article, and toanonymous DNA records used for research or quality control.

(8)        "State DNADatabank" means the repository of DNA samples collected under theprovisions of this Article.  (1993, c. 401, s. 1; 2009‑203, s. 2.)