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§15A‑266.8.  DNA database exchange.

(a)        It shall be theduty of the SBI to receive DNA samples, to store, to analyze or to contract outthe DNA typing analysis to a qualified DNA laboratory that meets the guidelinesas established by the SBI, classify, and file the DNA record of identificationcharacteristic profiles of DNA samples submitted pursuant to G.S. 15A‑266.7and to make such information available as provided in this section.  The SBImay contract out DNA typing analysis to a qualified DNA laboratory that meetsguidelines as established by the SBI.  The results of the DNA profile ofindividuals in the State Database shall be made available to local, State, orfederal law enforcement agencies, approved crime laboratories which serve theseagencies, or the district attorney's office upon written or electronic requestand in furtherance of an official investigation of a criminal offense.  Theserecords shall also be available upon receipt of a valid court order directingthe SBI to release these results to appropriate parties not listed above, whenthe court order is signed by a superior court judge after a hearing.  The SBIshall maintain a file of such court orders.

(b)        The SBI shall adoptrules governing the methods of obtaining information from the State Databaseand CODIS and procedures for verification of the identity and authority of therequester.

(c)        The SBI shallcreate a separate population database comprised of blood samples obtained underthis Article, after all personal identification is removed.  Nothing shallprohibit the SBI from sharing or disseminating population databases with otherlaw enforcement agencies, crime laboratories that serve them, or other thirdparties the SBI deems necessary to assist the SBI with statistical analysis ofthe SBI's population databases.  The population database may be made availableto and searched by other agencies participating in the CODIS system. (1993,c. 401.)