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§15A‑537.  Persons authorized to effect release.

(a)        Following anyauthorization of release of any person in accordance with the provisions ofthis Article, any judicial official  must effect the release of that personupon satisfying himself that the conditions of release have been met. In theabsence of a judicial  official, any law‑enforcement officer or custodialofficial having the person in custody must effect the release upon satisfyinghimself that the conditions of release have been met, but law‑enforcementand custodial agencies may administratively direct which officers or officialsare authorized to effect release under this section. Satisfying oneself whetherconditions of release are met includes determining if sureties are sufficientlysolvent to meet the bond obligation, but no judicial official, officer, orcustodial official may be held civilly liable for actions taken in good faithunder this section.

(b)        Upon release of theperson in question, the person effecting release must file any bond, deposit,or mortgage and other papers pertaining to the release with the clerk of thecourt in which release was authorized.

(c)        For the limitedpurposes of this section, any law‑enforcement officer or custodialofficial may administer oaths to sureties and take other actions necessary incarrying out the duties imposed by this section. Any surety bond so taken is tobe regarded in every respect as any other bail bond. (1973,c. 1286, s. 1; 1977, c. 711, s. 23.)