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§15A‑544.2.  Identifying information on bond.

(a)        The followinginformation shall be entered on each bail bond executed under Part 1 of thisArticle:

(1)        The name and mailingaddress of the defendant.

(2)        The name and mailingaddress of any accommodation bondsman executing the bond as surety.

(3)        The name and licensenumber of any professional bondsman executing the bond as surety and the nameand license number of the runner executing the bail bond on behalf of theprofessional bondsman.

(4)        The name of anyinsurance company executing the bond as surety, and the name, license number,and power of appointment number of the bail agent executing the bail bond onbehalf of the insurance company.

(b)        If a defendant isreleased upon execution of a bail bond that does not contain all theinformation required by subsection (a) of this section, the defendant's orderof pretrial release may be revoked as provided in G.S. 15A‑534(f). (2000‑133,s. 6.)