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§ 15C‑7.  Certificationcancellation; records.

(a)        The AttorneyGeneral shall cancel the certification of a program participant under any ofthe following circumstances:

(1)        The programparticipant files a request for withdrawal of the certification pursuant toG.S. 15C‑4.

(2)        The programparticipant fails to notify the Attorney General of a change in the programparticipant's name, address, or telephone number listed on the applicationpursuant to G.S. 15C‑5.

(3)        The programparticipant submitted false information in applying for certification to theProgram in violation of G.S. 15C‑6.

(4)        Mail forwarded tothe program participant by the Attorney General is returned as undeliverable.

(b)        The provisions ofArticle 3 of Chapter 150B of the General Statutes shall not apply to anycancellation of certification by the Attorney General pursuant to subsection(a) of this section.

(c)        The AttorneyGeneral shall send notice of cancellation to the program participant. Notice ofcancellation shall set out the reasons for cancellation. The programparticipant shall have 30 days to appeal the cancellation decision underprocedures developed by the Attorney General.

(d)        Any records ordocuments pertaining to a program participant shall be maintained in accordancewith The General Schedule for State Agencies as established by the Departmentof Cultural Resources.

(e)        An individual whoceases to be a program participant is responsible for notifying persons who usethe substitute address designated by the Attorney General as the programparticipant's address that the designated substitute address is no longer theindividual's address. (2002‑171, s. 1.)