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§ 18B‑1003. Responsibilities of permittee.

(a)        Premises. – Forpurposes of this Chapter, a permittee shall be responsible for the entirepremises for which the permit is issued. The permittee shall keep the premisesclean, well‑lighted and orderly.

(b)        Employees. – Forpurposes of this Chapter, a permittee shall be responsible for the actions ofall employees of the business for which the permit is issued. Each holder of asalesman's permit shall be responsible for all sales and deliveries made by hishelpers.

(c)        Certain EmployeesProhibited. – A permittee shall not knowingly employ in the sale ordistribution of alcoholic beverages any person who has been:

(1)        Convicted of afelony within three years;

(2)        Convicted of afelony more than three years previously and has not had his citizenshiprestored;

(3)        Convicted of analcoholic beverage offense within two years; or

(4)        Convicted of amisdemeanor controlled substances offense within two years; [or]

(5)        A past permit holderunder Chapter 18B of the General Statutes whose permit had been revoked withinthe last 18 months and who had been the permit holder at the location where theperson would be employed.

For purposes of thissubsection, "conviction" has the same meaning as in G.S. 18B‑900(b).To avoid undue hardship, the Commission may, in its discretion, exempt personson a case‑by‑case basis from this subsection.

(d)        FinancialResponsibility. – A permittee shall pay all judgments rendered against himunder the provisions of Article 1A of this Chapter. When the Commission isinformed, under the provisions of G.S. 18B‑127 that there is anoutstanding unsatisfied judgment against a permittee, the Commission shallsuspend all of the permittee's permits. Notice and hearing are not required fora suspension under this subsection, and the suspension shall become effectiveimmediately upon the Commission's receipt of the report. The suspension shallremain in effect until the permittee demonstrates that he has satisfied thejudgment by payment in full. Nothing in this section relieves the permittee ofthe obligation to pay any applicable fees as a precondition of thereinstatement of his permit. (1981, c. 412, s. 2; 1983, c. 435, s. 40; 2006‑253,s. 28.)