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§18B‑104.  Administrative penalties.

(a)        Penalties. – Forany violation of the ABC laws, the Commission may take any of the followingactions against a permittee:

(1)        Suspend thepermittee's permit for a specified period of time not longer than three years;

(2)        Revoke thepermittee's permit;

(3)        Fine the permitteeup to five hundred dollars ($500.00) for the first violation, up to sevenhundred fifty dollars ($750.00) for the second violation, and up to onethousand dollars ($1,000) for the third violation; or

(4)        Suspend thepermittee's permit under subdivision (1) and impose a fine under subdivision(3).

(b)        Compromise. – Inany case in which the Commission is entitled to suspend or revoke a permit, theCommission may accept from the permittee an offer in compromise to pay apenalty of not more than five thousand dollars ($5,000). The Commission mayeither accept a compromise or revoke a permit, but not both. The Commission mayaccept a compromise and suspend the permit in the same case.

(c)        Fines and Penaltiesto Treasurer. – The clear proceeds of fines and penalties assessed pursuant tothis section shall be remitted to the Civil Penalty and Forfeiture Fund inaccordance with G.S. 115C‑457.2.

(d)        Effect on Licenses.– Suspension or revocation of a permit includes automatic suspension orrevocation of any related State or local revenue license.

(e)        Effect on OtherPermits. – Unless some other disposition is ordered by the Commission,revocation or suspension of a permit under subsection (a) includes automaticrevocation or suspension, respectively, of any other ABC permit held by thesame permittee for the same establishment. (1939, c. 158, s. 514; 1943,c. 400, s. 6; 1945, c. 903, s. 1; 1947, c. 1098, ss. 2, 3; 1949, c. 974, ss. 7,14; 1953, c. 1207, ss. 2‑5; 1957, cc. 1048, 1440; 1963, c. 426, ss. 4, 5,10, 12; c. 460, s. 1; 1971, c. 872, s. 1; 1973, c. 476, s. 193; 1977, c. 669,s. 1; 1981, c. 412, s. 2; 1998‑215, s. 27.)