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§ 18B‑1114.4. Viticulture/Enology course authorization.

(a)        Authorization. – Theholder of a viticulture/enology course authorization may:

(1)        Manufacture winefrom grapes grown on the school's campus or the school's contracted or leasedproperty for the purpose of providing instruction and education on the makingof unfortified wines.

(2)        Possess winesmanufactured during the viticulture/enology program for the purpose ofconducting wine‑tasting seminars and classes for students who are 21years of age or older.

(3)        Sell wines producedduring the course to wholesalers or to retailers upon obtaining a winewholesaler permit under G.S. 18B‑1107, except that the permittee may notreceive shipments of wines from other producers.

(4)        Sell wines producedduring the course, upon obtaining a permit under G.S. 18B‑1001(4).

(b)        Limitation. – Authorizationfor a viticulture/enology course shall be granted by the Commission only for acommunity college or college that offers a viticulture/enology program as apart of its curriculum offerings for students of the school. Wines may bemanufactured only from grapes grown in a viticulture/enology course vineyardthat is located on the school's campus or the school's contracted or leasedproperty.

(c)        The holder of aviticulture/enology course authorization who obtains a wine wholesaler permitunder G.S. 18B‑1107 subject to the limitation in subsection (a) of thissection may obtain a winery special event permit under G.S. 18B‑1114.1,and where the permit is valid may participate in approved events and sell atretail at those events any wine produced incident to the operation of theviticulture/enology program. The holder of a viticulture/enology courseauthorization may participate in not more than six winery special events withina 12‑month period and may sell up to 25 cases of wine at each event. Netproceeds from the program's retail sale of wine pursuant to this subsectionshall be retained by the school and used for support of the viticulture/enologyprogram.

(d)        The holder of aviticulture/enology course authorization shall not be considered a winery forthe purposes of this Chapter or Chapter 105 of the General Statutes.  (2002‑102, s. 1; 2005‑350,s. 3(a); 2009‑539, s. 2.)