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§ 18B‑808.  Warningsigns regarding dangers of alcohol consumption during pregnancy required;posting.

(a)        Each ABC storeshall display or cause to be displayed warning signs that meet the requirementsof this section on the store's premises to inform the public of the effects ofalcohol consumption during pregnancy.

(b)        The Commissionshall develop the warning signs in accordance with subsection (c) of thissection and provide for their distribution and replacements to local ABC boardssubject to the requirement of this section. The Commission may charge areasonable fee, not to exceed twenty‑five dollars ($25.00), for eachsign, including replacement signs.

(c)        The signs requiredby this section shall:

(1)        Be composed ofblack, capital letters printed on white paper at the minimum weight of onehundred ten pound index. The letters comprising the word "WARNING"shall be highlighted black lettering and shall be larger than all otherlettering on the sign.

(2)        Contain the message:"WARNING Pregnancy and alcohol do not mix. Drinking alcohol duringpregnancy can cause birth defects."

(3)        The size of the signshall be at least eight and one‑half inches by 14 inches.

(4)        Contain a graphicdepiction of the message to assist nonreaders in understanding the message. Thedepiction of a pregnant female shall be universal and shall not reflect aspecific race or culture.

(5)        Be in both Englishand Spanish.

(d)        A local ABC boardshall ensure that each ABC store manager displays the warning sign in an openand prominent place in the store within 30 days of receipt of the sign from theCommission. (2003‑339,s. 2.)