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§ 18C‑172.  LotteryOversight Committee.

(a)        Creation andMembership. – The Lottery Oversight Committee is established. The Committeeshall be located administratively in the General Assembly. The Committee shallconsist of nine members appointed as provided below. In making appointments,each appointing officer shall select members who have appropriate experienceand knowledge of the issues to be examined by the Committee and shall strive toensure racial, gender, and geographical diversity among the membership.

(1)        Three members shallbe appointed by the Speaker of the House of Representatives, at least one beingan educator and at least one being a person trained or experienced in financialmanagement.

(2)        Three members shallbe appointed by the President Pro Tempore of the Senate, at least one being aneducator and at least one being a person trained or experienced in financialmanagement.

(3)        Three members shallbe appointed by the Governor, at least one being an educator and at least onebeing a person trained or experienced in financial management.

(b)        Terms. – Terms onthe Committee are for three years and begin on January 1, except the terms ofthe initial members, which begin on appointment. A member continues to serveuntil a successor is appointed. A vacancy shall be filled within 30 days by theofficer who made the original appointment.

(c)        Purpose and Powers.– The Committee shall:

(1)        Review whetherexpenditures of the net revenues of the Lottery have been in accordance withArticle 7 of this Chapter, and study ways to ensure that net proceeds from theLottery will not be used to supplant education funding but to provideadditional funding for education.

(2)        Receive and reviewreports submitted to the General Assembly pursuant to Chapter 18C of theGeneral Statutes.

(3)        Study other Lotterymatters as the Committee considers necessary to fulfill its mandate.

(d)        Reports. – TheCommittee shall report its analysis and any findings and recommendations to theGeneral Assembly by September 15 of each year. The Committee may make interimreports to the General Assembly regarding the expenditure of net Lotteryrevenues.

(e)        Organization. – ThePresident Pro Tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House ofRepresentatives shall each designate a cochair of the Committee. The Committeeshall meet at least once a quarter upon the joint call of the cochairs. Aquorum of the Committee is six members. No action may be taken except by amajority vote at a meeting at which a quorum is present.

(f)         Funding. – Fromfunds available to the General Assembly, the Legislative Services Commissionshall allocate monies to fund the work of the Committee. Members of theCommittee receive subsistence and travel expenses as provided in G.S. 120‑3.1and G.S. 138‑5.

(g)        Staff. – TheLegislative Services Commission, through the Legislative Services Officer,shall assign professional staff to assist the Committee in its work. Upon thedirection of the Legislative Services Commission, the Director of LegislativeAssistants of the Senate and of the House of Representatives shall assignclerical staff to the Committee. The expenses for clerical employees shall beborne by the Committee. (2006‑225, s. 1.)