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State Codes and Statutes

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§19‑14.  Filing and form of complaint.

The action authorized by thisArticle shall be commenced by the filing of a complaint to which shall beattached, as an exhibit, a true copy of the allegedly harmful material. Thecomplaint shall:

(1)        Be directed againstsuch material by name, description, volume, and issue, as appropriate;

(2)        Allege that suchmaterial is harmful to minors;

(3)        Designate asrespondents, and list the names and all known addresses of any person in thisState preparing, selling, offering, commercially distributing or disseminatingin any manner such material to minors, or possessing such material with theapparent intent to offer to sell or commercially distribute or disseminate inany manner such material to minors;

(4)        Seek an adjudicationthat such material is harmful to minors; and

(5)        Seek a permanentinjunction against any respondent prohibiting him from selling, commerciallydistributing, or disseminating in any manner such material to minors or frompermitting minors to inspect such material. (1969, c. 1215, s. 1.)