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§ 42‑43.  Tenant tomaintain dwelling unit.

(a)        The tenant shall:

(1)        Keep that part ofthe premises that the tenant occupies and uses as clean and safe as theconditions of the premises permit and cause no unsafe or unsanitary conditionsin the common areas and remainder of the premises that the tenant uses.

(2)        Dispose of allashes, rubbish, garbage, and other waste in a clean and safe manner.

(3)        Keep all plumbingfixtures in the dwelling unit or used by the tenant as clean as their conditionpermits.

(4)        Not deliberately ornegligently destroy, deface, damage, or remove any part of the premises, norrender inoperable the smoke detector or carbon monoxide detector provided bythe landlord, or knowingly permit any person to do so.

(5)        Comply with any andall obligations imposed upon the tenant by current applicable building andhousing codes.

(6)        Be responsible forall damage, defacement, or removal of any property inside a dwelling unit inthe tenant's exclusive control unless the damage, defacement or removal was dueto ordinary wear and tear, acts of the landlord or the landlord's agent,defective products supplied or repairs authorized by the landlord, acts ofthird parties not invitees of the tenant, or natural forces.

(7)        Notify the landlord,in writing, of the need for replacement of or repairs to a smoke detector orcarbon monoxide detector. The landlord shall ensure that a smoke detector andcarbon monoxide detector are operable and in good repair at the beginning ofeach tenancy. Unless the landlord and the tenant have a written agreement tothe contrary, the landlord shall place new batteries in a battery‑operatedsmoke detector and battery‑operated carbon monoxide detector at thebeginning of a tenancy and the tenant shall replace the batteries as neededduring the tenancy. Failure of the tenant to replace the batteries as neededshall not be considered as negligence on the part of the tenant or thelandlord.

(b)        The landlord shallnotify the tenant in writing of any breaches of the tenant's obligations underthis section except in emergency situations.  (1977, c. 770, s. 1; 1995, c. 111, s. 3; 1998‑212,s. 17.16(j); 2008‑219, s. 3.)