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§42‑66.  Motion to enforce eviction and removal orders.

(a)        A motion to enforcean eviction or removal order issued pursuant to G.S. 42‑63(b) or (c)shall be heard on an expedited basis and within 15 days of the service of themotion.

(b)        Mandatory Eviction.– The court shall order the immediate eviction of the tenant where it findsthat:

(1)        The tenant has givenpermission to or invited any person removed or barred from the leasedresidential premises pursuant to this Article to return to or reenter any portionof the premises; or

(2)        The tenant hasfailed to notify appropriate law enforcement authorities or the landlordimmediately upon learning that any person who had been removed and barredpursuant to this Article has returned to or reentered the tenant's individualrental unit; or

(3)        The tenant hasotherwise knowingly violated an express term or condition of any order issuedby court pursuant to this Article. (1995, c. 419, s. 1.)