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State Codes and Statutes

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Liens upon RegisteredLands.

§ 43‑45.  Docketedjudgments.

Whenever any judgment of thesuperior court of the county in which the registered estate is situated shallbe duly docketed in the office of the clerk of the superior court, or any lien ornotice of lis pendens is filed in the office of the clerk of the superiorcourt, it shall be the duty of the clerk, upon the request of any interestedparty, to certify the same to the register of deeds. The register of deedsshall enter upon the certificate of title, the date, and the amount of thejudgment, and the same shall be a lien upon such land as fully as such docketedjudgment would be a lien upon unregistered lands of the judgment debtor, andthe register of deeds is authorized to recover the certificate of titlepursuant to G.S. 43‑40. The register of deeds shall also enter notice ofthe judgment, lien, or lis pendens on the record copy of the certificate oftitle, and the encumbrance is valid against the registered estate from the timeit is noted on the record copy. (1913, c. 90, s. 22; C.S., s.2418; 1999‑59, s. 6.)