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§47‑18.1.  Registration of certificate of corporate merger, consolidation,or conversion.

(a)        If title to realproperty in this State is vested by operation of law in another entity upon themerger, consolidation, or conversion of an entity, such vesting is effectiveagainst lien creditors or purchasers for a valuable consideration from theentity formerly owning the property, only from the time of registration of acertificate thereof as provided in this section, in the county where the landlies, or if the land is located in more than one county, then in each countywhere any portion of the land lies to be effective as to the land in thatcounty.

(b)        The Secretary ofState shall adopt uniform certificates of merger, consolidation, or conversion,to be furnished for registration, and shall adopt such fees as are necessaryfor the expense of such certification. If the entity involved is not a domesticentity, a similar certificate by any competent authority in the jurisdiction ofincorporation or organization may be registered in accordance with thissection.

(c)        A certificate ofthe Secretary of State prepared in accordance with this section shall beregistered by the register of deeds in the same manner as deeds, and for thesame fees, but no formalities as to acknowledgment, probate, or approval by anyother officer shall be required. The name of the entity formerly owning theproperty shall appear in the "Grantor" index, and the name of theentity owning the property by virtue of the merger, consolidation, orconversion shall appear in the "Grantee" index. (1967,c. 950, s. 3; 1991, c. 645, s. 2(b); 1999‑369, s. 5.1.)