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§ 47‑30.2.  ReviewOfficer.

(a)        The board ofcommissioners of each county shall, by resolution, designate by name one ormore persons experienced in mapping or land records management as a ReviewOfficer to review each map and plat required to be submitted for review beforethe map or plat is presented to the register of deeds for recording. Eachperson designated a Review Officer shall, if reasonably feasible, be certifiedas a property mapper pursuant to G.S. 147‑54.4. A resolution designatinga Review Officer shall be recorded in the county registry and indexed on thegrantor index in the name of the Review Officer.

(b)        The Review Officershall review expeditiously each map or plat required to be submitted to theOfficer before the map or plat is presented to the register of deeds forrecording. The Review Officer shall certify the map or plat if it complies withall statutory requirements for recording.

Except as provided insubsection (c) of this section, the register of deeds shall not accept forrecording any map or plat required to be submitted to the Review Officer unlessthe map or plat has the certification of the Review Officer affixed to it. Acertification shall be in substantially the following form:

State of North Carolina

County of

I,  ____________, ReviewOfficer of __________ County, certify that the map or plat to which thiscertification is affixed meets all statutory requirements for recording.




(c)        A map or plat mustbe presented to the Review Officer unless one or more of the followingconditions are applicable:

(1)        The certificaterequired by G.S. 47‑30(f)(11) shows that the map or plat is a surveywithin the meaning of G.S. 47‑30(f)(11)b. or c.

(2)        The map or plat isexempt from the requirements of G.S. 47‑30 pursuant to G.S. 47‑30(j)or (l).

(3)        The map is anattachment that is being recorded pursuant to G.S. 47‑30(n). (1997‑309,s. 3; 1998‑228, s. 13.)