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§53‑278.  Application for license; investigation; application fee.

(a)        An application forlicensure under this Article shall be in writing, under oath, and on a formprescribed by the Commissioner. The application shall set forth all of thefollowing:

(1)        The name and addressof the applicant.

(2)        If the applicant isa firm or partnership, the name and address of each member of the firm orpartnership.

(3)        If the applicant isa corporation, the name and address of each officer, director, registeredagent, and principal.

(4)        The addresses of thelocations of the business to be licensed.

(5)        Other informationconcerning the financial responsibility, background experience, and activitiesof the applicant and its members, officers, directors, and principals as theCommissioner requires.

(b)        The Commissionermay make such investigations as the Commissioner deems necessary to determineif the applicant has complied with all applicable provisions of this Articleand State and federal law.

(c)        The applicationshall be accompanied by payment of a two hundred fifty dollar ($250.00)application fee and a five hundred dollar ($500.00) investigation fee. Thesefees are not refundable or abatable, but, if the license is granted, payment ofthe application fee shall satisfy the fee requirement for the first licenseyear or remaining part thereof.

(d)        Licenses shallexpire annually and may be renewed upon payment of a license fee of two hundredfifty dollars ($250.00) plus a fifty dollar ($50.00) fee for each branchlocation certificate issued under a license. (1997‑391, s. 1.)