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§70‑12.  Definitions.

As used in this Article,unless the context clearly indicates otherwise:

(1)        "Archaeologicalinvestigation" means any surface collection, subsurface tests, excavation,or other activity that results in the disturbance or removal of archaeologicalresources.

(2)        "Archaeologicalresource" means any material remains of past human life or activitieswhich are at least 50 years old and which are of archaeological interest,including pieces of pottery, basketry, bottles, weapons, weapon projectiles,tools, structures or portions of structures, rock paintings,  rock carvings,intaglios, graves or human skeletal materials. Paleontological specimens arenot to be considered archaeological resources unless found in an archaeologicalcontext.

(3)        "Statelands" means any lands owned, occupied, or controlled by the State ofNorth Carolina, with the exception of those lands under short term lease solelyfor archaeological purposes, excluding highway right‑of‑ways. (1981,c. 904, s. 2.)