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§ 70‑27.  Findings andpurpose.

(a)        The GeneralAssembly finds that:

(1)        Unmarked humanburials and human skeletal remains are subject to vandalism and inadvertentdestruction at an ever‑increasing rate;

(2)        Existing State lawsdo not provide adequate protection to prevent damage to and destruction ofthese remains;

(3)        There is a greatdeal of scientific information to be gained from the proper excavation, studyand analysis of human skeletal remains recovered from such burials; and

(4)        There has been no procedurefor descendants or other interested individuals to make known their concernsregarding disposition of these remains.

(b)        The purpose of thisArticle is (i) to provide adequate protection from vandalism for unmarked humanburials and human skeletal remains, (ii) to provide adequate protection forunmarked human burials and human skeletal remains not within the jurisdictionof the medical examiner pursuant to G.S. 130A‑383 that are encounteredduring archaeological excavation, construction, or other ground disturbingactivities, found anywhere within the State except on federal land, and (iii)to provide for adequate skeletal analysis of remains removed or excavated fromunmarked human burials if the analysis would result in valuable scientific information.(1981, c. 853,s. 2; 2007‑484, s. 11(a).)