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§ 70‑28.  Definitions.

As used in this Article:

(1)        "StateArchaeologist" means the head of the Office of State Archaeology sectionof the Office of Archives and History, Department of Cultural Resources.

(2)        "ExecutiveDirector" means the Executive Director of the North Carolina Commission ofIndian Affairs.

(3)        "Human skeletalremains" or "remains" means any part of the body of a deceasedhuman being in any stage of decomposition.

(4)        "Professionalarchaeologist" means a person having (i) a postgraduate degree inarchaeology, anthropology, history, or another related field with aspecialization in archaeology, (ii) a minimum of one year's experience inconducting basic archaeological field research, including the excavation andremoval of human skeletal remains, and (iii) designed and executed anarchaeological study and presented the written results and interpretations ofsuch study.

(5)        "Skeletalanalyst" means any person having (i) a postgraduate degree in a fieldinvolving the study of the human skeleton such as skeletal biology, forensicosteology or other relevant aspects of physical anthropology or medicine, (ii)a minimum of one year's experience in conducting laboratory reconstruction andanalysis of skeletal remains, including the differentiation of the physicalcharacteristics denoting cultural or biological affinity, and (iii) designedand executed a skeletal analysis, and presented the written results andinterpretations of such analysis.

(6)        "Unmarked humanburial" means any interment of human skeletal remains for which thereexists no grave marker or any other historical documentation providinginformation as to the identity of the deceased. (1981, c. 853, s. 2; 2002‑159,s. 35(a); 2007‑484, s. 10(a).)